Denna Kuchen (Rivel Kuchen) (German CoffeeCake)

I decided to add the original German coffee cake brought to the United States by my Grandmother back in 1926. Once they were here, in the land of plentiful fruit, the toppings changed a bit and she added fruit. My grandmother would sometimes use lightly burnt sugar syrup, before she used fruit.

Denna Kuchen
Makes one cookie sheet.
Use one recipe of sweet roll dough below

I use the dough/pasta setting on my bread maker and while it did it's thing of mixing and rising, I got the rivals and custard sauce ready to go. If you use your bread maker, the rest of the preparation time only takes about 30 minutes.

Sweet Roll Dough

¼ Cup warm water
1 pkg. dry yeast

¾ Cup lukewarm milk

¼ Cup sugar

1 tsp. salt
1 egg
¼ Cup soft shortening

3 - 3 ¼ Cup flour (dough should not be dry but easy to handle)

If following bread maker instructions, mix milk and egg together with a fork before adding to bread maker pan.
follow this link that shows to make sweat bread dough by hand, but use the ingredients above.

While dough is rising, mix in separate bowls and set aside the custard sauce and rivel below:

Custard sauce:
I mix this with a Magic Bullet, you can use a regular hand mixer.
1 egg
¼ C flour
2 T sugar
1-2 T cream (it should be thick but pourable, like pancake mix)

Rivel: Mix well with fork or fingers, will be crumbly and when rubbed between palms, will form small course crumbs
½ C flour
¼ C sugar

3-4 T soft butter
When dough is ready, spread into greased cookie sheet. Let stand for 5 minutes, then prick with fork. Spread fruit of your choice over dough, such as cherries, apples (chopped), wonderberries (if you don't have access to these wonderful wild German berries, wanna?), blueberries, pear syrup, etc.

I used 4
cups of frozen sweet red cherries, but it's best to thaw the fruit before adding to dough.

Pour custard sauce over fruit, then crumble rivel over the top of all layers. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Rivel should be very lightly browned when done, with dough thoroughly baked. This freezes well and looks fresh when thawed!


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That looks delicious. I may have to try it. :)

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